Beckwith Graveyard (SC-1)

Schuyler Falls, Clinton County, New York
DIRECTIONS: Back from the road, near the house of W. Weaver (1869), in School Dist #6, Town of Schuyler Falls, north of a brook (Lot 62). It is in a pasture, in wretched condition; most of the stones down or broken.


Daniel BECKWITH / Died Unk 2, 1810 / Age Unk 6th yr
Description: Gray slate marker

Daniel BECKWITH / Died Sep 7, 1851 / AE 59 Ys. 1 M. & 25 days
Worth like thine needs no eulogy.
Description: Marble marker is broken and fallen.

Huldah BUCK / Wife of Daniel BECKWITH. / Died Dec 6, 1836 / Age 42 yrs. 1 Mo.
Affliction sore long time I bore
Physicians strove in vain
But God was pleased to call me hence
And free me from my pain.
Description: Gray marble marker, broken & fallen.

Robins BECKWITH / Died Unk 1841 / In his 38th yr.
Behold ...
Description: Gray slate marker, broken.

Olive / Wife of Kinner NEWCOMB & Relict of Robins BECKWITH. / Died Jun 1, 1854 / In her 74 yr.
Description: White marble marker.

Clarry / Wife of Benniah HUNTLY. / Died Feb 3( ), 1833 / Age 23 yrs.
Description: Marble marker.

Susan M. / Daughter of Prescott & M?aria? WELLS. / Died Mar 8, 1832 / Age 11 mo. & 26 days.
Scarce the dawn of life began
Ere I meashured out my span.?
Description: Mother's first name much battered. Marble marker, fallen.

Source: McLellan Cemetery Records