Bowdish Cemetery (SC-2)

Schuyler Falls, Clinton County, New York
DIRECTIONS: This cemetery is deserted and is located on the south side of the Turner Road about one mile east of the intersection of Shingle Street and Turner Road.


John B. BARLOW / Died Jul 21, 1850 / Age 13 mos / 7 days
Trust in the

Wm. BARLOW / Aug 14, 1846 / Age 68 Yrs / 2 mos / 17 days
Description: Marble stone, down. Footstone.

Ann / Wife of J. C. BOWDISH. / Died Jul 20, 1849 / Age 22 yrs / 4 mos / 28 days
Nought will disturb thy slumber here,
Till Gabriel's trump bids thee arise
Christ the Saviour will then appear,
And summon thee to yonder skies.
thy spirit from the spirit clime
Will quicken this mortal clay,
United by its power divine
To reign with Christ eternally.
Gray marble stone.
Footstone: A.B.

Hannah / Wife of Robert BOWDISH. / Died Feb 8, 1854 / Age 72 yrs.

Motilda T. / Wife of J. C. BOWDISH. / Died Mar 9, 1846 / Age 23 yrs / 8 mos / 12 days
Companion dear, tho I am gone
And left you here on earth to mourn,
Trust in the Lord, and he will be,
A kind Companion unto thee.
Sleep loved one sleep gently sleep.
thy slumbering dust again shall rise.
they memory choice thy friends will keep,
Till we meet in yonder skies.
Description: Gray marble stone.

John C. BOWDISH / Died Oct. 14, 1848 / Age 27 yrs / 7 mos / 15 days
Weep not for me thos you kneel at my grave,
For Jesus died all the ransomed to save,
Think of the crown all faithful shall have
When I am gone when I am gone.
Through tribulations great he came,
He bore the cross despised the shame,
From all his labors now he rests,
In Gods eternal glory blest.
Description: Gray marble stone, down, broken.

Robert BOWDISH / Died Jul 14, 1862 / Age 90 Yrs.
Description: Marble stone, down, broken

Sarah E. / Daughter of J. C. & M. T. BOWDISH / Died Aug 13, 1845 / Age 6 weeks / 4 days
I would not mourn the tender flower
That withers in the early spring
That buds and blossoms in an hour
And dies while yet tis blossoming.
Description: Old fossil stone. Footstone.

Charles GOODELL / Died Feb 18, 1882 / Age 77 Yrs / 6 mos / Our Father.
Description: Marble stone. Footstone.

Elisabeth H. / Wife of Elijah GOODELL / Died Aug 1, 1848 / Age 90 Yrs.
Adieu, adieu, my friends adieu,
I can no longer stay with you.
My glittering crown appears in view,
All is well, All is well.
Description: Marble stone. Footstone.

Elwin M. Son of E. M. & E. A. GOODELL. / Died Aug 15, 1869 / Age 3 mos / 7 days
Description: Marble stone.

Florence A. / Daughter of Cha's & Lois S. GOODELL / Died May 24, 1858 / Age 8 yrs / 8 mos
Description: Marble stone.

Lois S. / Daughter of Cha's & Lois S. GOODELL / Died Jul 18, 1845 / Age 2 mos / 6 days
Description: Marble stone.

Lydia WILSON / Wife of Elijah GOODELL / Died Jul 31, 1877 / Age 87 Yrs. 8 mos
Rev. 14-13. Blessed are the dead
which die in the Lord.
Description: Marble stone.

Martha J. / Daughter of Cha's & Lois S. GOODELL. / Died Feb 6, 1858 / Age 17 yrs / 5 mos
Description: Marble stone.

Vail McCREEDY / Died Mar 30, 1876 / Age 80 yrs 8 mos 21 days
Description: Marble stone, down, broken.

Mary Ann Vogen / Died Apr 24, 1860 / Age 47 yrs
Farewell departed one,
O Mother dear farewell;
We feel we know that thou hast gone
Among the blest to dwell.
Description: Marble stone, down.

Wm. Vogen / Died Jan 19, 1851 / Age 57 yrs
Weep not for the companion whose spirit has fled
To the fair spirit land O! Say not he is dead.
For he lives in bright mansions of glory above
In the home of the happy the heaven of love.
Description: Marble stone, down.
Footstone: W.V.

Amos J. P. / Son of Dyer A. & Ellen WHITE. / Died Apr 22, 1848 / Age 11 mos / 14 days
So fades the lovely blooming flower,
Frail smiling solace of an hour,
So soon our transient comforts fly,
And pleasures only bloom to die.
Description: Marble stone. Footstone.

Emma A. / Daughter of D. A. & E. WHITE. / Died Apr 30, 1862 / Age 1 yr / 9 mos
Description: Marble stone. Footstone.

Mary E. / Daughter of S. P. & S. B. WHITE. / Died Feb 24, 1850 / Age 2 yrs / 10 mos
Description: Marble stone.

Source: McLellan Cemetery Records