Goodspeed Cemetery

St. Armand, Essex County, New York
DIRECTIONS: This cemetery is located on Goodspeed Drive / Road.

COORDINATES:   N 44° 25.281'   W 073° 56.400'


William Ralph   Son of Norman T. & Ann ARNOLD   Died Mar. 21, 1886   Aged 16 Yrs 1 Mo 19 Ds.
NOTE: There is an inscription on the side which is illegible due to erosion.

Alfred W.   1887 - 1978
Gertrude   1886 - 1971
Alfred W. and Gertrude
Lie here in the land they held so dear,
In them the trees rejoice,
And of them, animals have no fear.

Augustus GOODSPEED   Born Oct. 9, 1833   Died Jan. 6, 1892 A member of Co D   17 Regt.   Vermont Volunteers
One by one earth's ties are broken
As we see our love decay
And the hopes so fondly cherished
Brighten but to pass away.

Rebecca F.   Wife of Augustus GOODSPEED,   Daughter of WM. & Sophia GALUSHA,   Died Aug. 17, 1858   AE 19 Years & 9 M'os.

Infant   Son of Augustus & Rebecca F. GOODSPEED   Died July 21, 1856

Gone but not forgotten   Elias GOODSPEED   Died Apr 9, 1870    AE 89 Yrs.   A veteran of the war of 1812   Our Father

Lucinda   Wife of Elias GOODSPEED    Died May 5, 1854   AE 76 yrs.  
Thus much - and 'tis enough to know,
Saints are completely blest;
Have done with sin, and care, and woe
And with their Savoiur rest.
(NOTE: This stone is lying flat on the ground.)

Our Mother   Polly A.   Wife of Nathaniel GOODSPEED,   Died May 30, 1865   AE 57 Y'rs. 3 Mo's. & 19 D's.
This grave so deep and cold,
Doth my dear wife's form enfold,
Her spirit far away hath flown,
And I am left on earth alone.

Adelaid   Daughter of Nathaniel & Polly A. GOODSPEED   Died Apr. 2, 1860   AE 11 y'rs. 1 m'o. & 3 ds.
Dearest Sister, thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel,
But tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.

Herbert   Son of Nathaniel & Polly A. GOODSPEED   Died April 17, 1860   AE 7 y'rs. 5 m'os & 15 d's.
Go sweet child thy savior calls thee,
From these scenes of pain and woe,
All thy sufferings here are ended,
And thy work is done below. 

Mary   Dau. of Nathaniel & Polly A. GOODSPEED   Died Apr. 5, 1871   Aged 27 yrs.  
Go home my friends, dry up your tears
I must lie here till Christ appears.

William   Son of Nathaniel & Polly GOODSPEED   Died Aug. 17, 1864   AE [22] Y'rs. 7 M'os. & 18 Days
(NOTE: This stone is lying flat on the ground. It is quite eroded.)

Our Father   Nathaniel GOODSPEED   Died Feb. 22, 1888   AE 81 Y'rs. 2 M's. & 6 Days
He is gone, safe in the arms of Jesus
Safe in the promised land.

Nathaniel GOODSPEED   Died Dec. 25, 1834   AE 85 years & 6 m'os.    A Revolutionary Soldier
Also Abigail,  His Wife   Died Oct. 14, 1837   AE 92 years & 2 m'os.
May they rest in peace until the resurection morn.

Uncle   Roswell GOODSPEED  Born Jan. 20, 1835    Died Aug. 1, 1910
Be ye therefore also ready, for in such an
hour as ye think not, the son of man cometh. 

Elenor A.   Daughter of S. & M. WATSON   Died April 10, 1860   AE 2 y'rs 6 m'os & 25 d's.
Little hearts forever stainless
Little hands as pure as they
Little feet by angels guided,
Never a forbidding way. 

George S.   Son of S. & M. WATSON   Died April 9, 1860   AE 1 y'r 1 m'o & 24 d's.
They are going ever going,
Leaving many a lonley (sic) spot,
But tis Jesus who has called them
Suffer and forbid them not.

"Alfred W. Currier Jan. 17 1978 @ 90 years. Under the terms of his will, the Goodspeed Cemetery, which was a part of his property in Franklin Falls, the cemetery is closed."